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Live on the internet in the convenience of your home or office, become a Certified Management Accountant

Classes are Tuesday and Thursday from 7 to 9 PM New York time and we provide you with lots, tons, scads of learning materials.


We give a 45-minute introduction to the CMA Exam and our technology at 7 PM New York time several times throughout the year. These are live and we would be pleased to have you as a guest at one of these sessions. Scheduled forthcoming dates include June 7, June 21 and October 11 2016. If you would like to be a live, interactive participant at one of these sessions just send an email to with the Subject "Invite me [fill in date]" and a day or two before the session we will send you a link that let's you into the cyber room.

"Even though I had no finance or management classes you helped me do well on the CMA Exam as you did with the CPA Exam nine years earlier..." Steven C. Darr.

Steve received the Sells Award for the highest score in Maryland on the May '84 CPA Exam and the Robert Beyer Gold Medal for the highest score in the GALAXY on the 1993 CMA Exam.

"Dr. Coughlan's class was just what I needed to pass ... the CMA exam. He reviewed all the key material on the exam in an easy to follow manner. He made a point to emphasize areas where students had expressed difficulties in the past. He was encouraging, supportive, and provided the structure necessary to pass the exam. He was an awesome teacher. I have already recommended his class to other accountants who are intimidated by the CMA exam." Todd Quann MSA, CMA 2011 email


16 live classes in the convenience of your home or office. We ask you questions, you ask us questions. We write on the whiteboard and PowerPoints and so do you.

Books and software as well as material specially prepared for you by our instructors.

Links so you can inspect the exhibits and PowerPoints.

Recordings of the classes available during the testing windows.

Access to "BE AN EXPERT" extra material on the internet so you can delve deeper into some of the material on the CMA. This link will take you to a sample.

Office hours every Wednesday from 1 to 6 PM New York time to answer your questions and concerns.


All classes Tuesday and Thursday from 7 to 9 PM New York time in the convenience of your home or office.

Financial Reporting, Planning, Performance, and Control - 16 sessions on management accounting, financial accounting, cost accounting and internal control to make you more effective in your career and to your employer. Classes start July 14. You pass in the September window.

Financial Decision Making - 16 sessions on bonds, stocks, derivatives, capital budgeting and GETTING RICH starting November 3. You pass in the January testing window

The two parts may be taken in either order and the important thing is to get started NOW.

CAUTION. Beware of the "next year" syndrome. Many people are going to take the CMA, CPA, CIA or other certification but they aren't going to take it today or now but "next year" and they have been planning to do so for many years. "Next year" doesn't mean next year, it means twenty years from now. If you completed your college program more than five years ago and are not yet certified, please enroll NOW and we will send you books and materials so you can do some advanced study in preparation for the forthcoming class. Do NOT be a victim of the "next year" syndrome


Enroll at least 20 days before the first day of class for a 15% early enrollment discount

Half-price discount for any part you need to repeat


We guarantee you will pass if you do the following:

If you attend all classes, turn in the required essay and take the exam but do not pass, we will continue to teach you until you pass AT NO FURTHER CHARGE. This is a new policy we adopted in 2015 and, based on past experience, we believe it will cost us nothing.


It's easy to enroll over the internet. Just click this link to go to the enrollment form.

You can fax your enrollment form to us at 703-CPE-5745.

You can enroll over the phone by calling us at 703-273-5745. Please have your credit card ready.

You can mail your enrollment to us at CMA School, 3819 Lee Street 2nd floor, Fairfax, VA 22030.

Do not put your career on hold. Enroll now.