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Trump profligate?  Yes!  Binden mad?  Yes!

For four years, President Trump preached a gospel of fiscal prudence and limited spending but practiced a program of spending at every opportunity.  Should we use Air Force one to go to a golf course?  The Donald:  “Yes.”  For four years, he preached the gold standard but told the money printers to print more.  The Donald:  “Hey Jeremy, why is the Fed so slow?”


An almost $2 trillion stimulus proposal, the first fiscal salvo of the new Administration, tells us that President Biden, not only will not practice prudence, but will not even preach that gospel.  We are in for a wild four years if the practice is as wild as the preaching.


Trump profligate?  Yes!  Binden mad?  Yes!


John Coughlan PhD (Econ)

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