CMA Finance Program

Pass the CMA in the convenience of your home or office!


Want a live introduction to the CMA and our Program?

LIVE IN YOUR LIVING ROOM, we have 45 minute sessions in which we describe the nature, content, and resources available to you to become a Certified Management Accountant. We send you a link which you click at the appointed time to enter the cyber room. When you are in you can ask questions, write on the whiteboard, and send text messages. Yes, it’s interactive – VERY!  These are the times we will have these sessions in the next few months (all times New York time):

*Thursday, January 26, 2023 2 PM

*Friday, March 3, 3 PM

*Saturday, April 8, 4 PM

*Monday, May 15, 5 PM

*Tuesday, June 20, 6 PM

*Wednesday, July 26, 7 PM

*Thursday, August 31, 11 AM

*Friday, October 6, 12 Noon

*Saturday, November 18, 1 PM

*Wednesday, December 27, 2 PM

To attend one of these sessions, simply click this link at the indicated time (or copy it into your address bar):

If you would like us to remind you shortly before a session, please fill in all the contact information.

You want a private session for you only? Not a problem. Call us most Mondays at (703)944-2718 between 4 and 7 PM New York time and one of our Instructors will take you on a 30 minute trip through our web resources.

And you can view this recording of a recent introduction to the program:

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